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  1. Bluefish rolls
    Categories: Wildgame, Fish
    Ingredients: bluefish fillet 12" long, wine, white, salt, lemon pepper, oregano, parsley, chopped, almonds, crushed, cherry tomatoes, noodles, cooked, parsley, finely chopped, romano cheeze, olive oil, lemon pepper, pinch
  2. Deep-fried wild turkey
    Categories: Wildgame, Fowl
    Ingredients: wild turkey, whole, dressed, peanut oil, italian salad dressing, lemon juice, fresh, onion juice, garlic juice, worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, cayenne, salt
  3. Apricot basted quail
    Categories: Wildgame, Mexican, Poultry
    Ingredients: apricot basting sauce; *, quail; 6 birds, bacon slices
  4. Duck with pine nut wild rice
    Categories: Poultry, Mexican, Main dish, Wildgame, Side dishes
    Ingredients: apricot basting sauce; *, duckling; 4 1/2 to 5 lbs., pine nut wild rice; below, wild rice; uncooked, green onions/tops; sliced, margarine or butter, chicken broth, pine nuts; toasted, 1/2 cup, pears; dried, chopped, currants
  5. Venison with plum sauce
    Categories: Wildgame, Main dish, Spices, Meats, Mexican
    Ingredients: plum barbecue sauce, venison steaks; *
  6. Pheasant in almond red sauce
    Categories: Wildgame, Main dish, Mexican, Poultry, Spices
    Ingredients: almond red sauce; *, pheasant; **, vegetable oil, chicken broth
  7. Grilled jalapeno buffalo burgers
    Categories: Wildgame, Mexican, Main dish, Meats
    Ingredients: hot chile sauce; *, buffalo or beef; ground, onion; finely chopped, 1 med, jalapeno chiles; **, clove garlic; finely chopped, taste. prepare hot chile sauce and set aside. mix remaining
  8. Broiled swordfish mirabeau
    Categories: Wildgame, Fish
    Ingredients: swordfish steaks, 1-1/4", butter, anchovy paste, olive oil, lemon, anchovy fillets