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  1. Sweet chicken risotto
    Categories: Chicken, Rice, Beans, Wrv
    Ingredients: onion; chopped, chicken breast; slice thin, vegetable oil, uncooked instant brown rice, chicken broth, prepared horseradish, sugar, sweet green pepper; sliced, sweet red pepper; sliced, black beans; rinse, drain or, cooked beans, grated parmesan
  2. Swordfish w/sun-dried tomatoes
    Categories: Sun-dried, Fish, Wrv
    Ingredients: -waldine van geffen vghc42a, lemon; thinly slice, swordfish steaks; halve, 12 oz each, olive oil, oil-pk tomatoes; drain, chop, oil; reserved, dried rosemary; crushed, salt, freshly ground pepper, garlic
  3. Black-eyed pea jambalaya
    Categories: Rice, Beans, Meats, Wrv
    Ingredients: onion; chopped, green pepper; chopped or half green and half red, rotel chiles & tomatoes; drain, save liquid, cream of anything soup, dried onion soup, smokey hollow pork sausage; cut 1/2" rings*, shrimp; peel, devein, chicken breasts; skin, bone, cube, black-eyed peas; drain, save liquid, thyme, bay leaves, oregano, chili powder, garlic powder, butter or margarine, raw long-grain rice