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Buddhist nuoc leo

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Categories: Sauces, Vegetarian, Vietnamese



~- Mix the sugar with the tuong and water. Add some slices of the red chili pepper. Sprinkle with roasted peanuts. ~- Side notes: > Roasted peanuts - Add 1/2 cup of shelled peanuts to a very hot wok and stir until the skins turn black and scorched. Transfer to a colander and cool (2-3 min). Wipe off skins. > Tuong - Sometimes labeled "Vietnamese Soy Sauce" in the U.S. but it is actually quite different from "regular" soy sauce. The Classic Cuisine of Vietnam by Bach Ngo & Gloria Zimmerman, Plume - a division of Penguin Books, NY, 1986). From: timi@chloroplast.Berkeley.EDU ( Tim Ikeda)