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German strickle sheets

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Categories: Penndutch, Breads



Scald milk and add the eggs and butter. When cool, add the dissolved yeast, salt, sugar and enough flour to form a thin batter. Beat all together about 7 minutes, cover well and set bowl containing mixture in warm place for 7 or 8 hours. After time has elapsed, add enough flour to make a soft dough, knead lightly and set to rise again. When well-raised, roll dough to one inch thickness and cut in biscuit shapes. Allow to rise a second time. Before placing in oven, spread with the following mixture: Mix 2 cups sugar with 4 Tbsp flour and add 1/2 cup butter and cream well; add 4 Tbsp boiling water and beat mixture into a sauce. Bake at 400-F about 20 minutes.