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Mystery bread

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Preheat Oven To 375 F. 5O Cal. Per 3/8 Inch Slice (Fat 0.5. Chol. O.) 1. in A Large Mixing Bowl, Combine Yeast, Milk, Aniseed & 2 C. Unbleached Flour. 2. in A Saucepan, Combine Juices, Water, Orange Rind, Cinnamon, Honey & 1 T. Oil. Heat Until Warm. (105 To 115 F.) Pour Over Dry Ingredients. Beat With A Wooden Spoon For 1 Min. Cover With Plastic Wrap & Let Stand For 10 Min. 3. Add Whole-Wheat Flour, Buckwheat Flour And All But 1/2 C. Of Balance Of Unbleached Flour, 1/2 Cup At A Time, Beating With Wooden Spoon After Each Addition. After Adding 4 1/2 C. Of Flour, Dough Will Become Difficult To Beat With Wooden Spoon. Scoop Up & Turn Onto Lightly Floured Board & Knead, Adding Balance Of Flour, If Necessry, To Make A Smooth & Elastic Dough. 4. Shape Dough Into Ball. Drop Into Lightly Oiled, Fairly Straight-Sided Bowl, Turning To Coat. Cover Tighly With Plastic Wrap & Let Rise At Room Temperature (70 To 80 F.) Until Doubled in Bulk. (About 1 Hour 15 Min.) 5. Punch Dough Down. Transfer To Board & Cut Into 3 Equal Parts. Cover With Waxed Paper & Let Dough Rest For 5 Min. 6. Roll Each Piece Out Into A 7 X 12 in. Rectangle. Starting With Short End. Roll Up Tightly, Tucking in Sides& Pressing Seams To Hold. Place, Seam Side Down, in 3 Small Loaf Pans (7 1/8 X 3 5/8 X 2 1/4 in.) Greased With Margarine OR Cooking Spray. Cover With Plastic Wrap & Let Rise At Room Temperature Until Doubled in Bulk. (About 1 Hour.) 7. Gently Remove Plastic Wrap. Bake in Preheated 375 F. Oven For 40 Min. Remove Bread From Pans. Place Back in Oven Directly On Rack & Bake For 5 Min. More. Loaves Should Be Crispy & Golden Brown. Let Cool Thoroughly Before Slicing.