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Swedish meatballs

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Mix bread crumbs and milk. Let it swell for about 10 minutes. Mince the onion and fry it until soft. Mix all the ingredients. Form into small balls with your hands. This is easier to do with wet hands. The size of the balls can vary a little, but a cherry is too small and a ping-pong ball is too big. Fry the balls in butter in a frying pan (medium hot) for about 5 minutes. Turn them around to get them fried on all sides. The balls get dark brown. NOTES: * A traditional Swedish recipe -- It is served at the smorgasbord and also at Christmas in Swedish homes (as one of many dishes). It can also be served with brown sauce, potatoes and lingonberry jam at lunch or dinner. Kids love the meatballs with pasta. * It's a little bit tricky to get the balls round. Don't put all the meatballs in the frying pan at once. : Difficulty: moderate. : Time: 30-40 minutes. : Precision: measure the ingredients. : Anders Rantila : CS Dept, Univ of Linkoping, Sweden : seismo!mcvax!enea!liuida!ara : Copyright (C) 1986 USENET Community Trust