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Vegetable finger salad

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Categories: Appetizers, Vegetables, Breads



Press out in one piece without separation 2 packages Pillsbury Crescent Rolls in jelly roll pan or cookie sheet with edge (2 pans). Bake as directed on Crescent Roll package and cool. Mix together cream cheese, mayonnaise and Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Spread on cooled baked roll mix. Mix together chopped vegetables and press into cream cheese mixture. Refrigerate. Cut into small squares. Will keep several days in refrigerator. Personal Note: This recipe makes a LOT. I cut all ingredients in half and still have plenty to serve (in addition to other snack foods). I also replace half the mayo with non-fat yogert, and replace the cheddar cheese with a fourth vegetable to cut the fat content (Still tastes delicious). The total servings will change depending on how large or small you cut each piece. I only listed 24 because Meal Master requires a number. Please change once you make the recipe and count the pieces. Thanks.